We proudly offer 'UPS Carbon Neutral Shipments'.

What Does Carbon Neutral Mean?
Carbon neutral is the process of reducing carbon dioxide emitted into the atmosphere by an equivalent amount through a specific activity, such as offsetting. We are accomplishing this through the active process of funding carbon projects such as UPS carbon neutral and planting trees, thus balancing the amount of carbon dioxide released into the environment. 

UPS carbon neutral offsets the carbon emissions associated with the transportation of your shipment. 

- Ship UPS carbon neutral and Offset the Climate Impact - 

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How Does it Work?

UPS purchases certified carbon (CO2) offsets to give you a way to balance out the emissions produced by the transportation of your shipments. UPS has supported projects that include reforestation, landfill gas destruction, wastewater treatment, and methane destruction.

Does this raise Shipping Prices?

Absolutely not. We are paying the full cost of offsetting your shipments. UPS service remains exactly the same; same prices, same delivery times, same level of quality. The only difference is that you can market your products as being sourced using carbon neutral transportation.



We thank you for your business as without your support we wouldn't be able to pursue important projects like these.


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