Evolis Signature Pads



- 4" monochrome or 5" color display
- USB Plug and Play
- Optional software for easy handling
   and editing of your PDF documents

The Evolis signature pads also add a certificate to the PDF document that the document itself
has not been altered after signing.
This certificate can be opened and viewed with all major PDF viewers.


Dowload a document signed with Evolis SignoSign software here(*):

Document with certificate (sample)

* Please be aware that some browsers don't support the display of PDF certificates. We

recommend that you download the sample file and open it with your installed PDF viewer


The Evolis Sig200 can be used to display up to 10 full color slides. This is an ideal
tool for advertisment purposes or to display information. Displaying your company
logo also increases the confidence level of your signees.

Additionally if you pair the Sig200 with the Evolis SignoSign software the color
screen will display the actual PDF document that is being signed.

An often heard complaint with traditional solutions is that signees dont know what
happens with their signature since it "disappears" into a system. The first time
they see their signature again it is printed on the contract they signed.

The user has an option to restart signing and clear any previous input. When signing     

is completed the signee can confirm by clicking the checkmark presented on
the display.

The Evolis Sig100 is a more traditional signutare pad but with a couple of
nifty additions.

It can be configured with 1 monochrome slide. When it is idle it will show this slide.
If a signature is requested by the SignoSign software it will prompt the signee with
a screen as displayed on the left.

The signee is presented with a line to sign on and 3 interactive buttons. The signature
will only be transferred to the PDF when approved by the signee.