Hard- & Software solutions

Our hard- & software solutions are mainly based on the Android operating system, this makes it easier to integrate it into most situations.

We hebben een breed scala aan op Android gebaseerde hardware die we kunnen aanbieden, dit omvat alle ‘A-merken’ zoals Datalogic, Newland en Zebra.
Depending on the requirements from our customer we’ll always make sure that the right device for the right project is advised.
Our customers vary from hospitality (theaters, museums and cinemas) to healthcare companies and from retail to supply chain.
Because of our long term experience in all these different sectors we’re able to offer a fitting solution in most cases.
Android devices come in all sorts and shapes, from the entry level scanners to the ultra rugged and durable long range scanners.

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Datalogic Memor 10 in een 3 slot cradle