Powerful performance
The Newland MT95 Kambur Pro comes with Android 11 GMS operating system and is powered by a 2,2 GHz octa-core processor. The 6 GB RAM memory and the 128 GB storage further support the device's excellent performance in handling applications and archiving data. In addition, it has a very generous 6,1″ screen with a resolution of 720×1560 pixels.

Dual 5G SIM slots

The MT95 Kambur Pro features 5G (network connectivity), providing more speed, lower latency, and greater capacity to transfer mission-critical data. With two nano SIM card slots, the MT95 Kambur Pro allows the customer to add separate voice and data. In addition, the additional SIM card offers the end user an additional way to reduce the risks of downtime.

Megapixel scanning
The MT95 Kambur Pro has Newland Megapixel 2D-scantechnology for high-performance scanning 1D and 2Dbarcodes, even if they are damaged or distorted. The laser aiming uses the Acuscan feature to ensure the user can decode barcodes even when they are displayed closely together.

Large Battery Capacity and Super-Fast Charging
Equipped with a 6000 mAh battery, the MT95 Kambur Pro is supplemented by a low-power design, significantly extending the device's usage time. Besides, it supports fast charging with a USB-C port and charging power up to 18 Watt.

Full Wireless Features
In addition to 5G, the MT95 Kambur Pro has various other wireless options, including dual-band WiFi, the latest Bluetooth (5.2), GPS and NFC

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Datasheet Newland MT95 Kambur Pro