The Datalogic Memor 10 is a very pleasant to handle mobile handheld scanner that is often used at events, theatres, retail and warehousing.

The fast Octa-core processor ensures that apps run smoothly, and the device also has WiFi and 4G which makes it extremely suitable for use during outdoor events.

NFC, Bluetooth and GPS are also present on the scanner in terms of connectivity and it is possible to use both 1D (barcode) and 2D (QR ) to read codes.

The device has the option to be charged wirelessly via a single slot wireless charger or if you have multiple devices via the 3-slot variant. If you prefer to use a USB cable, that is no problem at all, the Memor 10 has a USB-C connection.

Various accessories are also available for the handheld scanner:
Pistol GripProtective Rubber Boot (Protective cover) and Screen protector.

If you are looking for a scanner to rent for a single or multi-day event, then you have come to the right place.
For more information see our rental page.

The successors are now also available,

Datasheet Datalogic Memor 10