With our custom made software we can help your business grow further!

Because of our in-house expertise we’re able to deliver custom made software and/or apps specifically for your business needs.

Our latest projects include:
– Web portal for keeping track of your scan devices within the company, combined with an Android app (client and manager interface)
– Selfscan solution specifically for theatres with functions like scanning tickets, slide presentations, advertisements and information regarding catering
– User registration software to keep track of the visitors coming to an open day

These are just a few examples of the hardware & software solutions we have created.
Please feel free to come into contact with us with your own questions regarding a new project.

CradleTrack.com dashboard overview

From Hard- to Software solution

In most cases the hardware will be the starting point for the solution

Here is an example of a custom made 9-unit docking solution for the Datalogic Memor 10 combined with our in-house developed CradleTrack app. 
By using a pre-programmed tag it is possible for an employee to register and unlock one of the scanners from the docking station.
The CradleTrack software can also ensure that the employee is automatically assigned to a scanner that is sufficiently charged, for example more than 80%.
The CradleTrack software also keeps track of who has taken which scanner, how long it has been in use and whether it has been placed back at the end of a shift.
All data is stored in the CradleTrack software, this way it is easy to manage all scanners in one view.

Datalogic Memor 10 - 9-unit oplossing inclusief 15" Android tablet met CradleTrack software