Memor 30 and Memor 30X support up to Android 18
Datalogic Memor 30 front facing
Datalogic Memor 30 top facing with scan
Datalogic Memor 30 with Pistol Grip
Datalogic Memor 30 4 slot Cradle

There is good news to report for (future) users of the Memor™ family, as new devices are available, these are the Datalogic Memor 30 and Memor 35 and also an X variant for both models.
Below we will briefly explain what you can expect from this new series. If you want to know what the benefits are for your company or test a device, please feel free to contact us by e-mail or give us a call. 

The Memor 30 promises a lot of good things for all users looking for a mid-range PDA scanner.

  • Newest Qualcomm platform (QCM4490) upgradeable up to Android 18!
  • 6” FHD+ display / 6GB RAM and 128GB Storage / IP65 & IP68
  • WiFi6E / Bluetooth® v5.2
  • 360° multi-side NFC reader
  • Integrated contactless wireless chargingsystem
  • Extended Range engine for scanning up to 10 meters with the Memor 30X

The Memor 30 and Memor 30X have the latest hardware, so you as a user know that you can rely on this robust scanner for years to come. Various accessories are available, including a single and 4-slot cradle in both a wireless charging variant and via the pins on the bottom of the device.
A Pistol Grip, Protective boot, Wrist holder and even a car dock that supports wireless charging are also available for the new Datalogic Memor 30/35 series.
This makes it a very versatile device suitable for various industries including Culture, Retail and Logistics.
The article number of the Memor 30 is 944850001 and of the Memor 30X 944850004.

If you also want to use a 5G connection, you can choose the Datalogic Memor 35.

If you would like more information about this device and the benefits for your specific situation, please feel free to contact us contact us.

Datasheet Datalogic Memor 30/35