The successor to the Datalogic Memor 10 is there! To make it easy for everyone, the device is called;
Datalogic Memor 11.

The fact that the figure has only increased by 1 number does not mean that there is little innovation.
The main differences with the Memor 10 are:

  • New (and faster) Octa core processor for faster loading of apps and processing of data
  • New scan engine (15% increase in Depth Of Field and a higher scanning speed)
  • Android 11 (upgradeable to 13+ in the future) instead of Android 10
  • 4GB instead of 3GB RAM memory
  • Bluetooth® v5.0 instead of Bluetooth® v4.2

In addition to all these improvements, there is another important argument for choosing the Memor 11, all accessories available for the Memor 10 are backwards compatible.
This means that the Memor 11 can simply be placed in the wireless charger of the Memor 10, and the protective covers and pistol grips can also continue to be used when upgrading to this device.

If you would like to read how one of our customers like the Datalogic Memor 11, click here.

If you would like to upgrade even further than Android 13, you could opt for the Datalogic Memor 30 or Memor 35 with support up to Android 18.

If you want more information about this device and its benefits, feel free to contact us contact us.

Datasheet Datalogic Memor 11