Let’s ‘Check Out’ The Cheese

Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak Nieuwegein sells numerous locally made cheeses and other delicacies to a growing customer base.
Unfortunately, not every barcode is equally legible, some become damaged, bent or printed on transparent material.

The previous scanner was not up to these unique operational challenges.
Kees Oomen maakt nu dagelijks gebruik van de Newland HR52 Bonito BT handscanner en is daar meer dan tevreden over.

Curious what Kees Oomen ran into and what the advantages of this amazing scanner are? Watch the video below!

JNC Service recommended the Newland HR52 Bonito BT handheld scanner so Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak could enhance their daily operations and focus on what matters – offering specialty, local and regional cheeses to the Dutch market!

Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak is a local business offering artisanal cheeses and other delicacies. Owner Kees Oomen has been dedicated to the cheese industry for several decades and works with many other local businesses to offer a full platter of special savories and sweets. To call it a passion is to put it lightly. Kees Oomen works with regional farms and travels around Europe to offer the best specialty cheeses and delicacies to the local market, enticing his customers to return again and again.

Yet the fact remains that owning a local business means doing business. That means being able to depend on hardware to support the daily operations and a point-of-sale where all customers are served fast and efficiently – that’s where JNC Service and Newland EMEA step in.

Retail Scanning Solutions: optimizing workflow for your business
Speed and accuracy drive retail point-of-sale solutions, where smooth and fast transactions are vital for customer experience and flow. Processes at large retail shops are automated and unified. However, local businesses working with handmade, artisanal products and local goods means that often product information is locally made, which leads to many different kinds of barcodes and the way they’re put on the product. In the case of cheeses, Kees Oomen cuts, packages and labels these all in the shop.

Changing all product packaging and how barcodes are printed on the products is nearly impossible: next to cheese, there are many different products from various local businesses. On top of that, barcodes are printed on curved, uneven surfaces or on translucent backgrounds. Previous scanners wouldn’t pick up all barcodes, resulting in manual input and longer queue times and due to shop space, cable management and ruggedness also proved to be problems.

The right solution to improve workflow
Luckily, there’s a simple solution to these issues: a scanner that – no matter the conditions – will scan all barcodes. The right hardware lays the technical foundation for any workflow – whether fully automated or by hand.

JNC Service, a Dutch auto identification hardware and software company, recommended the HR52 Bonito BT barcode scanner and implemented a tailored PoS solution at Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak, which allows the retailer to weigh all products accurately, print labels with all the correct information and scan any product from anywhere in the shop easily. JNC Service excels in providing a complete solution for B2B end-users, ensuring that the end-users’ auto-identification requirements and needs are met and exceeded.

Handheld Scanner HR52 Bonito BT: Powerhouse that scans all
So why the HR52 Bonito BT? The HR52 Bonito BT solves all the workflow and operational problems the shop was experiencing. It’s a powerhouse that can scan virtually any 1D and 2D barcode, even if they’re incredibly small, reflective or damaged, which can often be the case in a shop with handmade, artisanal items. They recommended this handheld barcode scanner for its scanning capabilities, strong wireless via Bluetooth connection and ruggedness. This means that Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak maintains its current operational model and workflow, and customers are also helped quickly and smoothly. The HR52 Bonito BT is just the scanning solution that this local business needs.

Faster scanning and faster business
Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak is incredibly pleased after using the HR52 Bonito BT retail barcode scanner. Kees Oomen has noticed an increase in efficiency as well as workflow. It allows them to scan any barcode easily thanks to the incredible scan engine. Because the scanner is wireless, it creates a tidy PoS where cables don’t create a mess or working hazard. Furthermore, employees can use the handheld barcode scanner for a full working day thanks to its long-lasting battery.
As a result, Kees Oomen Kaasspeciaalzaak has improved its daily business operation. JNC Service solved the problem of unreliable hardware – simply by implementing the right PoS and retail scanning solutions.

So, there’s no need to change your way of working; instead, use the right solutions and reliable hardware to make your daily tasks easier, faster and more intuitive.

Do you want to know what JNC Service can do for you? Feel free to contact us and find out how we can support your business too – locally, regionally or globally! 

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