Tuincentrum Osdorp switches to Datalogic Memor 11

'Fresh as a daisy' garden center

For many years Tuincentrum Osdorp relied for its scanners on the expertise and honest advice of JNC Service from Houten. JNC recently recommended the Datalogic Memor 11for the webshop fulfillment in the new warehouse. Another bull's-eye, as it turns out during a visit to the garden centre.

Osdorp was still really in the polder when Hen Ottenhof started a flower nursery in 1960. At the same location where Osdorp Garden Center is now located. The company is now run by Hen's son Ruud, and the garden center has grown into a one-stop shop for mainly private individuals, but also for gardeners. With a sales area of 16,000 square meters and a range of more than 30,000 items, enthusiasts and professionals will always find what they are looking for. Whether it concerns flowers, plants, garden furniture, barbecues or garden tools; Garden center Osdorp supplies it.

"We've also been doing that via our webshop for about ten years," says Hans Schaafsma, system and application manager at Tuincentrum Osdorp. “Booming business”, he knows. Partly thanks to the restrictions during the pandemic, Tuincentrum Osdorp saw its online turnover double year on year. On peak days, around 500 webshop orders are collected and shipped. Until recently, this happened in the garden centre, among the shoppers. “With a lot of extra handling, double work and unnecessary stress as a result,” says Schaafsma. “In order to organize that process more efficiently, we recently moved into our own warehouse in Aalsmeer. Purely for the webshop fulfillment.”

JNC Service supplied Datalogic Memor 11 scanners to support the business processes in that new warehouse. “We have been relying on their expertise and honest advice for years,” explains Schaafsma. “And it is not the first time that they advise Datalogic. Also here in the garden center we have been working with Datalogic scanners for years to our complete satisfaction.” The first scanners were delivered in 2018; about 30 Datalogic Joya Touch scanners. “An excellent entry-level model. Affordable and a – especially for that time – modern Android version. Moreover, the format appealed to us enormously at the time,” says Schaafsma.

The scanners soon proved to be a hit. A year later, Tuincentrum Osdorp decided to purchase more scanners. Despite the success of the Joya Touch, the choice fell on the Datalogic Memor 10 this time. “Compared to the Joya Touch, the Memor 10 has a much larger display. The resolution is also significantly higher and the scanner is faster,” explains Schaafsma. “Both scanners have proven to be a reliable solution, which we still enjoy using to this day.”
And although there is great satisfaction, Tuincentrum Osdorp is switching to the Datalogic Memor 11 with the latest expansion. "In the current market, this is one of the best options," says Schaafsma. “A robust, reliable and still very affordable scanner.”

One of the key benefits of Datalogic's Memor 11 series is its superior scanning performance. The high-quality scanner allows users to capture data quickly and accurately. Even when there is little light.
The Memor 11 series comes with a fast Octa-Core processor running up to 2.3 GHz. “It is even faster than its predecessor. The scanner is fully started in just three seconds,” says Schaafsma. In combination with the 4 GB onboard RAM memory, multiple applications can be run simultaneously; without sacrificing performance.

Like the Memor 10, the Memor 11 enables wireless charging. “We really like that very much. We no longer need cables and there are no contact points that can get dirty from, for example, potting soil. The battery can also be easily replaced; without the user having to switch off the scanner.” The Memor 11 also offers Smart Battery Management. This can extend the battery life by up to 20%.

Furthermore, the Datalogic Memor 11 supports Android version 13 and higher. This assures us of a future-proof solution and the right support. This is another step forward. We don't like going backwards."
Another important advantage is that no unnecessary extra costs had to be incurred for accessories. All accessories, such as the cradles, are one hundred percent compatible with the Memor 10.

In total, the garden center now uses more than 70 scanners. “All Datalogic and all supplied by JNC Service”, says Schaafsma. “We really like that combination. The scanners are perfect. And the service is simply superb.” All scanners run their own app from Garden Center Osdorp. Among other things, the app offers support for collecting webshop orders and linking the electronic shelf cards to articles. “Of course we had JNC test whether that app also works smoothly on the Memor 11. That turned out to be the case and a day later we already had the new scanners in house. That, too, is service,” concludes Schaafsma.

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